About Us

Company History
and Timeline

Our firm was found in 2001 as a small familly company dealing with production of C-0 audio cassettes. Later on we developed ourselves as packaging producer, manufacturing packaging like CD and DVD boxes for the optical media business. In 2015 we entered the food packaging business by purchasing thermoforming line for production of yogurt cups combined with 6 color offset printing machinery for external decoration of the cups.

The secret
of success

People have always asked "What is the secret to success?". Well the answer to that is pretty simple. There is no secret. There is only hard work, professionalism and dedication of what you do and believing in your product will get you and your company to the level that you want.


We are confident that working closely with our customers inspires success from development to production. Our business is built on exceptional customer service, quality, superior manufacturing, optimisation, and innovation. Competitive advantages that add value throughout the total supply chain. We are truly committed to finding solutions for our customers’ and to bring quality products to the market at competitive prices.


We want to develop a close technical dialogue with the people who produce end products. This is the best way for us to determine most precisely where there is still potential for quality improvements. In addition, we aim to be an honest and reliable partner to our customers and suppliers. We will work towards sustaining long-term partnerships with the aim of maximising our joint knowledge and expertise.


About Us Overview

As a conclusion we want to add that from the very beginning the goal of our company was to do three things - do something meaningful, be proffesionals at what we do, do it with pleasure!


our Services

  • Extrusion
  • Thermoforming
  • Injection moulding
  • Dry offset printing of plastic round cups